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Participle Adjectives Exercise 1 (-ED and -ING Adjectives) Click here to download this exercise in PDF (with answers) Review the explanations about participle adjectives here This exercise is based on this list of adjectives CHOOSE THE BEST OPTION. - Sally has been running for three hours and now she is. exhausted exhausting. - My brother had an accident and his situation is quite. worried worrying. - When we visited that abandoned house it was really. depressed depressing. - I think he was. confused confusing


Adjectives -ED or -ING Exercise -ING This film is boringthe cause -ED the effect I feel really bored A Fill the gaps with the adjectives in brackets. 1 He's such a monotonous speaker. I was so.. . (bored / boring) 2 Most sequels are.. . (disappointed / disappointing Some/any quiz for ESL students. Adjectives ending in -ed and -ing: Reset Answers Help Answers Hel B1 Adjectives ending in -ED and -ING AD006 Choose the correct adjective form for each blank. 1. Halloween was probably the most _____ film I have ever seen (FRIGHTENED / FRIGHTENING ). 2. I always get so _____ when my dad starts speaking English (EMBARRASSED / EMBARRASSING). 3. I am _____ to see how well he gets along with his stepfather Here's a list of common -ing / -ed adjectives: boring, bored. interesting, interested. exciting, excited. fascinating, fascinated. surprising, surprised. amazing, amazed. satisfying, satisfied. amusing, amused Adjectives ending in -ed and -ing online worksheet for intermediate. You can do the exercises online or download the worksheet as pdf

Complete the sentences using -ing adjectives or -ed adjectives . Example: The girl seemed _____ in my thoughts and opinions. a) interested b) interested - Answer a) is correct. 1. The children looked _____ by the old toys. a) fascinated b) fascinating 2. I felt _____ after just a short time in the forest. a) invigorated b) invigorating 3. It was very _____ to win our first game of the season In this -ed -ing adjectives exercises PDF, students practice identifying and using -ed and -ing adjectives in emails about studying abroad at university. Give each student a copy of the two-page worksheet. Students start by identifying and correcting mistakes in sentences that contain -ed and -ing adjectives. Students then circle the correct -ed or -ing adjectives to complete an email from. -ed/-ing adjectives A lot of adjectives are made from verbs by adding -ing or -ed. They are called participial adjectives they take the forms of the present (-ing) and past participle (-ed) of the verb. -ed adjectives -ed adjectives are used to describe how we feel. Look at the following examples: We're tired. Can we stop running? I'm bored. Let's play cards

Practice: using -ed and -ing adjectives. Choose the best word to complete these sentences: -ed or -ing? I felt because the training journey was . (TIRE) I thought the lesson was really . It made me feel really . (CONFUSE) I'm really in history, so I thought the film Elizabeth was really . (INTEREST) On my birthday, everyone sang Happy Birthday in the pub. It was really . I've never felt so. Order of adjectives - exercise 3. Usual order of the adjectives. Order of adjectives. Order of adjectives - 1. Order of adjectives - 2. Order of adjectives - 3. Order of adjectives - 4. Adjectives order in English. -ed / -ing adjectives - exercises Learn English > English lessons and exercises > English test #5148: Adjectives - ing and ed > Other English exercises on the same topics: Adjectives | -ing [ Change theme ] > Similar tests: - Comparative of superiority - Adjectives and prepositions - Order of adjectives - Superlative + and adjective - Adjectives and adverbs - Superlative - FOR and its use - Adjectives and preposition

Adjectives + '-ed' or '-ing' Adjective + ed. Adjective + ing We use adjectives that end up with ed to express feelings. example: I feel bor ed when I listen to classical music. We use adjectives that end up with ing to describe places, things, activities example: they had a tir ing trip. Someone is bor ed . Something is bor ing. Complétez avec la bonne terminaison: ING ou ED. N'écrivez pas le mot en entier Adjectives Ending with -ed and -ing Click the answer button to see the answer. Sue: Hi, Jane. Have you had an (interest) day? Jane: I've had a very (excite) day. It's my birthday today. Sue: I'm a little (confuse). I thought your birthday was next month. Jane No, that's my brother's birthday. Mine is today.. Choose the correct ADVECTIVE: -ED or -ING. It's nearly Christmas. I'm so. . . that the children had to leave early. . when he gave me the flowers. when the computer does not work properly Straightforward exercises on -ing and -ed adjectives. 10,144 Downloads -ED AND -ING ADJECTIVES . By rmartinandres Grammar practice on participial adjectives. Keys included. 9,685 Downloads . Online Resources for Teaching Writing. By TeacherDianaRenke An awesome database of website addresses that offer amazing materials to get students writing. No txtspk!! I do not own any copyright to. By exercises_admin On 15 August 2016 In Grammar Exercises Adjectives with '-ed' and '-ing' Quiz with Answers (Online) Let's make this quiz and look your Grammar Level.Choose the correct answer

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-ed/-ing adjectives We use -ed adjectives to describe how we feel. We use -ing adjectives to describe people or things which give us these feelings. Sam is excited. The football match is exciting Participial adjectives ending in ed / ing Some adjectives that end in -ed and -ing are examples of participle (or participial) adjectives. They are formed from the past participles and present participles of verbs. interested / interesting (verb: to interest) surprised / surprising (verb:. Adjectives ending in' ing 'and 'ed' A/ Somebody is bored if something (or somebody else) is boring. Or, if something is boring, it makes you bored. So:Tracy is bored because her job is boring.Tracy's job is boring, so Tracy is bored, (not 'Tracy is boring') If a person is boring, this means that.. exercise Adjectives Ending in -ed and -ing: Complete and correct it immediately, then you will be able to check your knowledge with the related lesson Cut the cards and give them to your students for them to explain the words in 1-2 minues without u... 15,424 Downloads. Adjectives ending in -ed and -ing. By Zmarques. Pupils add -ing or -ed to the versbs given on the right side of the worksheet. 12,351 Downloads

EXERCISE. Fill in the blanks with the given adjectives. 1-Yesterday I went to the cinema. The film was so that I felt . (scared-scaring) 2-Please, be quiet! You're so that at the end of the day I feel very . (tired-tiring) 3-When I was going to pay the bill, I noticed that I didn't have any money All the exercises about ING/ED adjectives I've collected on the Internet. It contains a list of some common ING/ED adjectives and four exercises on how to use participle adjectives. Ask the students to complete the list by themselves. Hope you'll find this worksheet useful Adjektive mit Endung '-ing' und '-ed' - Lückentext (Schwierigkeit: 3 von 5 - mittel) Fülle die Lücken mit dem jeweils passenden Adjektiv mit Endung '-ed ' oder '-ing '. Es muss sich ein sinnvoller Satz ergeben.. Beispiel: The book I'm reading at the moment is quite boring. (bored/boring) Prüfe deine Eingaben nach dem Ausfüllen mit dem Button unten

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Can, Could and Be Able To Exercise. Present Perfect Continuous Exercise. Some and Any Exercise. This is an interactive online exercise about -ed and -ing adjectives by experienced English teacher Bob Wilson at autoenglish.org. FREE ENGLISH EXERCISES, EXAM PREPARATION, LISTENINGS,MP3 LESSONS & ONLINE COURSES the difference between adjectives ending in -ed or -ing! The main thing to remember is this: adjectives with -ing are the cause of the feeling/situation and adjectives with -ed are the feelings of the person/animal affected. For example: This is a boring movie. (cause) I'm very bored. (feeling) Lesson by Seb, teacher at EC Cape Town English schoo Scenario-based dictation exercises. Roadside assistance. Discussing a candidate for a job vacancy Subscription content. A printer jam Subscription content. An offer to buy a division Subscription content. You might also be interested in: Dictation exercises - focus on grammar Subscription content. Adjectives: ed or ing

-ing adjectives of feelings can also describe things: The movie was boring. Bangkok was an exciting city. -ed adjectives of feeling: Meaning and use. I am very interested in tennis match. Remember, the origin of the adjective interested is the verb interest. An -ed adjective describes a person (or animal) who has the feeling. Who is feeling the interest? It is me (tennis match interest me 6. Adjectives, ending in -ing and -ed. There are adjectives ending in -ing and -ed. These are participle constructions, used like adjectives. Here are some examples: A) Here the adjective is put before the noun: Yesterday I read an amusing story in a magazine. Doris has a boring job. We watched the group of excited people. B) Here the adjective is put after the verb English Exercises - Adjectives with 'ed' and 'ing' For the sentences below decide whether the adjective should be in the 'ed' or 'ing' form. 1: I am so . at work at the moment. 2: I watched a very . documentary about shoes last night. 3: We're very . about. Ejercicio Adjectives Ending in -ed and -ing: complétalo y corrígelo de forma inmediata, podrás comprobarás tus conocimientos con la lección relacionad

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  1. ADJECTIVES ENDING IN -ED -ING To be/find +adj ing =ser/encontrar Amazing confusing exciting horrifying surprising Amusing depressing exhausting interesting terrifying Annoying disappointing fascinating satisfying tiring Astonishing disgusting frightening shocking worrying Boring embarrassing frustrating upsetting To be/feel+adj -ed = estar/sentirse Amazed confused excited horrified surprised.
  2. Adjectives with -ed and -ing - Giving Opinions 1) Read the opinions in the box. What is the person giving an opinion about? Look at the six things in the box. Write the correct word from the box in the chart on the right. restaurant film book football match hotel museum a) The food was disgusting! restaurant b) I love being frightened by a good horror film. c) The stadium was crowded.
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  4. -ed/-ing adjectives — Exercise 1. Choose the correct adjective. 1. My little sister was. by the toy. amused. 2. This meeting is so. boring. 3. The book was so. that I couldn't stop reading it. interesting. 4. When we got to the top of the mountain, we were. by the view. fascinated. 5. I find it really.

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  1. Create a stack of cards that have one -ED or -ING adjective per card. Have each student choose three cards and make sentences in rounds. You can alter this by having them make questions with their cards, giving them a theme to do with the cards (actors, movies, current events), or having them make a list of five to ten things that have to do with the word on the card. The cards can be used for quick warm-ups or turned into longer, more drawn out class activities
  2. AD018-Adjectives -ED or -ING. Choose the correct form of the adjective : -ED or -ING. AD018 - Adjectives -ED or -ING. Gap-fill exercise. Choose the correct form of the adjective ! I enjoyed the book. It was very . They were when they heard the news. I don't get very easily
  3. -Ed and -Ing Adjectives Exercise Choose the best adjective to describe the situation in each sentence. surprising tired boring disgusting terrified interesting 1

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  1. ed / ing adjectives practice Page 2 of 7 bbclearningenglish.com Grammar Challenge - adjectives with '-ed' and '-ing' Exercise 1: Match the beginnings of the sentences to the correct endings. 1. I..
  2. -ed and -ing adjectives bluffing games. Students take cards that have -ed and -ing adjectives and/or suitable subjects of -ed and -ing adjectives (TV programme etc) on them. They make a sentence about themselves using the word or words on the card(s) that they took, e.g. I get bored in maths lessons, just lying if they can't think of a true sentence. Perhaps after asking questions like Why do you feel that way?, their partner guesses if the sentence is fact or.
  3. Adjective or Adverb Exercise 3 4. Adjective or Verb Exercise 5. Comparative vs Superlative 1 6. Comparative vs Superlative 2 7. Comparative vs Superlative 3 8. Comparatives - Long vs Short Forms 9-11. Adverbs of Frequency 1 / 2 (Positions) / 3 12-13. Frequency Adverb Percentages / 2 14. Adjectives - Ing or Ed Form Exercises 1 / 2 / 3 15-16.
  4. Adjectives Order of Adjectives Adverbs Adjectives vs Adverbs Adjectives/Adverbs Exercises: 1. Adjective vs Adverb Exercise 1 2. Adjective vs Adverb Exercise 2 3. Adjective or Adverb Exercise 3 4. Adjective or Verb Exercise 5. Comparative vs Superlative 1 6. Comparative vs Superlative 2 7. Comparative vs Superlative 3 8. Comparatives - Long vs Short Forms 9-11
  5. > Plus de cours & d'exercices d'anglais sur le même thème : Adjectifs [Autres thèmes] > Tests similaires : - Adjectifs en anglais-cours pour débutants - Comparatif de supériorité - Adjectifs et prépositions - Ordre des adjectifs - Superlatif de supériorité et adjectif - Adjectives-ing and ed - Adjectives and adverbs - Ordre des adjectif
  6. LESSON SHARE / Grammar / -ed and ing adjectives 4. a. Match the adjectives from exercise 3 to their definitions. 1. excited 2.amused 3.surprised 4.disgusted 5. fascinated 6. relaxed 7. worried 8. terrified 9. relieved 10. bored b. In the spaces given, write the -ing form of each of the adjectives above. Pay particular attentio

This type of adjectives is composed of a verb and the suffix -ed or -ing. Watch the following video and learn: Always remember that the sense of the sentence changes according to the suffix used The difference between adjectives like bored and boring is straightforward: use -ed to describe feelings and emotions, and use -ing to describe the thing or person that causes the feeling. Keep reading for clear examples and free interactive exercises to practice these tricky adjectives Now you can remind your students that -ED/-ING adjectives are used to describe feelings. Give some examples, such as interested/interesting, bored/boring, excited/exciting, tired/tiring, etc. 3. -ING adjectives: Be + Adj. You use the -ING ending when the noun is the REASON or CAUSE of the feeling adjective The lesson starts with a lead-in speaking activity to help students differentiate -ed from -ing adjectives. It's then followed by a brainstorming activity where students get a lot of talking time. -ed / -ing adjectives can be a challenging task to teach as students mix them up easily

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Sep 29, 2016 - The worksheet deals with English adjectives ending in -ed and -ing. It contains a brief grammar explanation and four different exercises with the key on page.. Eng exercise - ed ing adjectives (P5 P6) by Full time Mom | Nov 13, 2018 | English , Grammar (online exercises) , P. 5 - P.6 | 0 comments Share to Faceboo A lot of our students get confused by English adjectives with Ed and Ing. First, because they look like verbs in the present simple and the continuous tense, second because they're not sure how the Ing and Ed effect the meaning of the word. Watch the video below, then see if you can do the exercises and master English adjectives with Ed and Ing. Also, be sure to watch more of our English videos if you have time

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Adjectives ending in -ED and -ING (exercises) By tantana The worksheet deals with English adjectives ending in -ed and -ing. It contains a brief grammar explanation and four different exercises 4,736 Downloads . Interested or interesting -adjectives ending in -ed... By mariamit A worksheet to practise -ed, -ing adjectives. There are four exercises graded from easy to difficult. There is. Then, when you are ready, try these -ed/ing adjectives practice exercises. Differences between adjectives with -ed and -ing. When we want to say how we feel, we can use verb + ed. For example, frighten ed. To describe the reason we feel like this, we use verb + ing. For example, frighten ing. Spiders frighten her. (verb, present simple, permanent fact) She is frightened. (-ed adjective) The.

The English Learning Lounge Free apps on both Apple and Android. Fun exercises to improve your English. Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading, Listening and much more Adjectives: '-ed' and '-ing' When was the last time you were terrified? What is the most thrilling thing you have ever done? What school subject is interesting? What is one of the most exciting jobs you can think of? How about one of the most boring jobs? What is something relaxing you do when you are stressed? Who is the most inspiring person alive today? What makes you excited? What. 1 Ed/ing adjectives exercise (with possible answers) Students practice using ed/ing adjectives by looking at the pictures and writing sentences. Students label the situations shown in the pictures and complete the short conversations using the pictures as cues. They try to use ed/ing in the conversations Ejercicios y actividades online de Adjectives ending in -ed and -ing. Fichas interactivas gratuitas para practicar online o descargar como pdf para imprimir Ed and -ing adjectives exercise 1 choose the correct adjective: 1. my nephew was (amusing amused) by the clown. 2. it's so (frustrating frustrated)! no matter how much i study i can't seem to remember this vocabulary. 3. this lesson is so (boring bored)! 4. i'm feeling (depressed depressing), so i'm going to go home, eat some. Participial adjectives ed ing exercises. intermediate.

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This is a vocabulary exercise for elementary-level English learners. In this exercise you will practise adjectives which end in -ed and adjectives ending in -ing. Examples. The football was very interesting. BUT I'm interested in football. Exercise instructions. Choose the correct answer in the following We often use -ing and -ed participles as adjectives. We usually use them in the same positions as other adjectives: Example: A win, even by only one goal, would be a satisfying result. I never find fast food very satisfying. Recommendations from satisfied customers got our business off the ground. We follow up every complaint from customers dissatisfied with our service. Some participle. Ejercicios: Adjectives Ending in -ed and -ing. (Los adjetivos terminando en -ed y -ing) Compartir. Anuncios. Escribe los adjetivos que están entre paréntesis con la terminación correcta (-ed o -ing). Sample. Peter thought the marathon was ____ (challenge). Q1 of 10. I was ____ (annoy) by his attitude Ending -ing in English - Exercise 3. Task No. 4655. Add the ending -ing to the infinitive of the verb. Do you need help? Spelling of verbs in the Present Progressive. believe → destroy → promise → jog → worry → dye → die → agree → leave → flee → Search. Deutsche Version. Grammar & Vocabulary. Grammar Explanations; Grammar Exercises. Adjectives/Adverbs; Articles. (Adjectives: ed or ing) Introduzione Possiamo usare come aggettivi i participi presente e passato dei verbi che descrivono un effetto su qualcosa. Usiamo il participio presente (che termina in -ing) come aggettivo per descrivere come il soggetto causa l'effetto. Usiamo il participio passato (che termina in -ed) come aggettivo per descrivere come il soggetto subisce l'effetto. Esempi.

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Ed/Ing Emotion Adjectives (by Rick Shur, ESLprof.com) The situation: I spilled water on my pants. My pants fell down in front of the class. I want to learn about this new computer. This is a new and wonderful computer! This TV show isn't saying anything informative or new. He's been talking about statistical formulas for hours!! I've been working all day. I've been running for three miles. Adjectives ing ed catapult. adjectives ending in -ING and -ED: Practice adjectives ending in -ING and -ED using this ESL fun Game. Games are great for motivating students to learn. By playing our fun educational games, students can practice and review key English vocabulary, grammar and sentences without the boredom which is usually encountered when doing paper-based gap-fill exercises. Feb 8, 2017 - An exercise to practise -ed and -ing adjectives. B&W version and KEY included. Hope you like it :). Grammar: Adjectives, Adjectives with -ed or -ing; Materialtype:.. Adjectives ending -ed and -ing 1. By Sara Beltrán 2. There are adjectives which can take both endings: -ed / - ing 3. DIFFERENCE BETWEEN -ED /- ING -ED describes a STATE: How you are or feel in a certain situation. (ESTAR) I AM BORED - ING describes a QUALITY: How something or someone IS that makes me feel that way. (SER) I AM BORED BECAUSE THE COURSE IS BORING.

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Oct 7, 2020 - It's a worksheet to practise adjectives. Key included. Thank you. Grammar: Adjectives, Adjectives with -ed or -ing Reference notes on the use of adjectives ending in -ed and -ing. Includes examples and links to exercises for practice. Suitable for students of English (ESL) at intermediate level and above This lesson introduces the rules for -ed / -ing adjectives. It includes a 'choose the correct option exercise' and lots of practice conversation questions. We have a teacher's copy (including teacher's notes and an answer key) and a student version which you can email to your class for online lessons. For best results when printing our PDFs, open and print them through Adobe Acrobat. Complete each sentence choosing the correct option. Choose the correct adjective for each sentence. The scenery in Japan is . a) captivated. b) captivating. Her mind was by the preach of the priest. a) enlightened. b) enlightening. The valedictorian delivered an speech yesterday

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Adjectives that end in - ing describe the action by something or someone. • The mouse was interesting for the cats. (The action of the mouse was interesting, so the cats were interested) • My holiday was relaxing. (So, I felt relaxed) • My work is tiring. Remember: -ed for your feelings. -ing for the action. Exercises Online exercises to improve your English. Our online exercises for English help you to learn and practice grammar rules in an interactive manner. To make sure that you understand the correct answers, our answer keys offer simple explanations as well as handy tips and tricks. Adjectives - Exercises. Adjectives - mixed exercise Exercise 3. Complete the statements with information from the article. 1 When you get angry, your blood pressure increases and your heart speeds up. 2 Being angry about something can help others to how you feel. 3 Getting angry is not usually a good way to problems. 4 It's a good idea to understand what make you angry Adjectives Exercises . Types of exercise: Multiple Choice , Fill in the word , Select from Drop Down . Levels of exercise: Elementary Intermediate Advanced 1130 Adjectives Exercise 1 Intermediate Comparison of Adjectives: 1005 Adjectives Comparative and Superlative - Exercise 1 Elementary 1006 Adjectives Comparative and Superlative - Exercise 2 Elementary 1014 Comparison of adjectives in. 1. He stayed here for a few days. 2. He is taller than all of his four brothers. 3. Hindi is less difficult than Chinese. 4. Sam is older than Mary. 5

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  1. Examples of the most common ING and ED adjectives . The origin of ING and ED adjectives. In this lesson, we are only discussing adjectives related to feelings because they confuse students. They confuse students because they have both an ING form and an ED form. ING and ED adjectives are formed from verbs. verb: to interest (Example: Football interests me.) How ING adjectives are forme
  2. -ed / -ing adjectives; functions. agreement and disagreement: so, either, neither; telephone phrases; go (six different uses) have; infinitives and gerunds; inversion cases; irregular verbs; like, would like, be like; modal verbs. modal verbs deduction / speculation; modal verbs obligation; nouns. abstract nouns; countable and uncountable nouns; nationality adjectives as noun
  3. English lesson on ED / ING ADJECTIVES. Use for debates, discussions, speaking, conversations, independent learning and more. English Discussion on
  4. ADJECTIVES IN -ED AND -ING -EXERCISES (B&W VERSION INCLUDED) Level: intermediate Age: 11-17 Downloads: 961 ADJECTIVES IN -ED OR -ING (1-2) B&W VERSION+KEY INCLUDED Level: elementary Age: 12-14 Downloads: 787 Adjectives ending in -ed and -ing Level: intermediate Age: 12-17 Downloads: 771 ADJECTIVES ENDING IN -ING AND -ED Level: intermediate Age: 12-17 Downloads: 672 ADJECTIVES IN -ED AND -ING.
  5. Adjectives with ed and ing exercises I. Complete the chart below with the correct -ed /-ing suffix. Verbs to bore to excite to interest to relax to satisfy to tire to worry-ed bored Excited Interested Relaxed Satisfyed Tired Worried-ing boring Exciting Interesting Relaxing Satisfying Tiring Worrying II
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Adjectives ending in ed or -ing 1. excitedShe is _____ because she got a new car. excited exciting 2. boredThey are _____ because boring the movie is_____. bored boring 3. boringThe meeting was so _____ that all employees fell asleep. bored boring 4 6 Basic adjectives for people (with answers) This is an ESL exercise to help familiarize students with basic adjectives for describing people. Students match the adjectives to the pictures and write short sentences. Pictures engage the attention of students and they also encourage students to use critical thinking skills An adjective is a describing word and gives you more information about a noun. It usually appears right before the noun but can also appear after the noun later in the sentence. For example, He is a tall man - or - The man is tall. 3A: KINDS OF ADJECTIVES. Spot the Adjectives - 01 Spot the Adjectives - 02 Order of Adjectives - 01 Order of Adjectives - 02 Opposites 01 Opposites 02. Exercises about -ed and -ing adjectives. Exercise 1: Choose the right option for each of the sentences below. a) I saw a really _____ documentary about Mammals last night. b) My friends planned a secret birthday party for me and I was utterly _____. c) I told Jeremy the story and he was as _____ as I was

However, adjectives ending in -ing and -ed are just as commonly used in everyday language and they are often a source of confusion among English learners. For example, we have the pair interesting versus interested, or disappointing versus disappointed, and a very commonly confused pair, bored and boring. Sometimes you might hear somebody say, I'm boring but what they actually mean is. I hope you've enjoyed your weekend :) Another common mistake we are going to examine today is the difference between adjectives ending in -ed and those ending in -ing. The Grammatical Rules Adjectives ending with -ed mainly describe feelings. These adjectives are usually (but not always) applied to people. I am bored or I feel bored. I am confused or I feel confused. While adjectives ending with -ing describe things that give us a particular feeling. We normally use them to. This lesson introduces the rules for -ed / -ing adjectives. It includes a 'choose the correct option exercise' and lots of practice conversation questions. We have a teacher's copy (including teacher's notes and an answer key) and a student version which you can email to your class for online lessons. Level: This is most suited to A2 / B1 level. Participle adjectives 3 - Using -ing and -ed adjectives in English | ESL exercise ESL PRINTABLES * GRAMMAR TESTS * VOCABULARY TRAINING * LISTENING COMPREHENSION * READING COMPREHENSION * OTHER ESL TOOL ing (exercises) - ed or - Adjectives ending with 1. This wet weather is so...... depressed depressing Q 2. I will be very..... if she does well in her test. surprised surprising Q 3. My new job is extremely...... tired tiring Q 4

-ed / -ing adjectives Many English adjectives of emotion/feeling are formed from the -ed / -ing forms of verbs: Positiv Adjectives -ed and -ing DRAFT. a year ago. by missgulben. Played 120 times. 0. 5th - 8th grade . English. 75% average accuracy. 0. Save. Edit. Edit. Print; Share; Edit; Delete; Host a game. Live Game Live. Homework. Solo Practice. Practice. Play. Share practice link. Finish Editing. This quiz is incomplete! To play this quiz, please finish editing it. Delete Quiz. This quiz is incomplete! To. Lesson: -ed /-ing adjectives 19 September 2009 Listening , Resources , The English language B1 , ed/ing adjectives , video , vocabulary Cristina Cabal Sometimes when I come across videos from people who devote time, energy and money for the sake of education and just for free I often ask myself what moves them

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Adjectives ending in -ed and -ing (complete list!) DOWNLOAD ALL THE GRAMMAR LESSONS IN ONE CLICK! $27 $19 _ Feel free to leave a comment if you find any errors or if you have any suggestions to make to improve this lesson. When you add -ed or -ing to a verb, you can [ Adjectives ending in -ed and -ing. An adjective that ends in -ed is used to describe a feeling or an emotion; I was annoyed with him for being so late; Susie felt asleep because she was bored ; An adjective that ends in -ing is used to describe the characteristic of a person, a thing or a situation; My sister is very annoying; This was one of the most boring movies I've ever see Online exercises to improve your Spanish. Our online exercises for Spanish help you to learn and practice grammar rules in an interactive manner. To make sure that you understand the correct answers, our answer keys offer simple explanations as well as handy tips and tricks. Adjective Endings - Exercises. Adjective endings - mixed exercise This is our B1 Adjectives -ing Word Search set at an Intermediate level from our collection of interactive activities featuring a wide range of educational subjects and topics of general interest. The vocabulary is taken from the recommended word list for the B1 Preliminary Exam. B1 Adjectives -ing Word Search. Download this word search. More exercises available: B1 Adjectives -ing Word Search.

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Ed And ING Adjectives Exercises. 5th Grade Money Word Problems. English lessons for kids worksheets. Free Printable Tracing Letters. Free Touch Math Addition Worksheets. Kid English Worksheet Printable. Fruits Printable For Preschoolers. Mixed Number Practice Worksheet. year 11 kids worksheet kids worksheet problems ks2 Phrasal Verbs Exercises Vocal Work Related Skills Worksheets worksheet of. Unit 33: Grammar Exercises: Complete the sentences using -ing adjectives or -ed adjectives. Example: The girl seemed _____ in my thoughts and opinions. a) interested b) interested - Answer a) is correct.---- adjectives -ed or -ing worksheets Live Worksheets Worksheets that listen. Worksheets that speak. Worksheets that motivate students. Worksheets that save paper, ink and time. High Quality ESL Lesson Plans - Free Samples - $26 Membership Be a better teacher! Hundreds of PDF lesson plans. Grammar, reading, vocabulary, speaking. All with comprehensive Teacher Notes included. Zero preparation time. Common Mistakes: -ed or -ing for adjectives describing feelings. As you may know, in addition to writing this blog, I also teach English at University. I recently had an interesting conversation with a student after class, and it went like this: Student: 'I'm so boring.' Sophie: 'I'm sure that's not true. You do lots of interesting things and you always say interesting things in. -ing Adjectives. Adjectives that end with -ing generally describe the cause of your emotion. For example, a boring lesson makes you feel bored. Example: Have you seen that film? It's really frightening. I could listen to her for hours. She's so interesting. I can't sleep! That noise is really annoying! Some More Adjectives with 'ed' and 'ing'

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